Used Honda Civics Are Good Value

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<p>Known throughout the motoring world, the "Honda Civic" has been manufactured since 1973. From that time on there has been compact as well as subcompact types of vehicle produced in this line. A two-door car was the earliest car released in the market during 1972. A three-door hatch-back style is the next model which was immediately made available to the market during September of the same year. These two early models are well-known for their dependability, fuel economy and eco-friendly features while the subsequent models have a sportier and performance level built.</p><p>It may not be readily apparent that the early Civic have overall roomy interior space. That is largely due to their seemingly small package. The large internal cab areas can be attributed with the engine being fixed in a transverse axis with shaft of the crank at right angles to the protracted axis of the vehicle Autel Diaglink.</p><p>The early models of Civic are all built basically with the fundamental components like AM radios, plastic trims that are foam-cushioned, heaters, wipers that are dual speed, nut-caps on the colored wheels with rims that are painted steel. For the latest models though there are extra fashionable aspects that were incorporated. This includes cooling system, brakes that have anti-locks, control on cruise feature, power windows, leather upholstery, satellite navigation and door locks that are automatic.</p><p>The early models of Civic, from 1973 up to 2000, are known as sub-compact vehicles. Starting 2001 all models released are already classified as compact. The different model lines for the compact types are Acura CSX, Acura EL, Hybrid, Ballade, Type R, Type S, GX, and GTi. VTi, City, Vi-Rs, and Vi.</p><p>These models became instant hit in the auto market selling as many as 16.5 million units during 2006. Seven million from this is recorded in US Autel MaxiSys MS908. Canada auto market on the other hand has considered this car model to be the best selling car ever since 1997.</p><p>The earliest versions of this model were fabricated during 1973 until 1979 then the next versions in 1980 up to 1983. The third versions on the other hand made their debut in the market during 1984 and last till 1987. For the fourth versions, the year range is 1988 to 1991. The fourth versions underwent innovations to pave way for the fifth versions through the time period of 1992 up to 1995. As of 1996 the sixth versions where created that lasted till 2000. In 2001 up to 2005, the seventh versions of the model were released. And the latest so far is the eight generation versions of Civic which were made available in 2006 although Honda has been broadcasting the possible release of their twelfth versions of the Civic this coming 2012.</p><p>In the long years of Civic history, it has bagged numerous recognitions that added more to its fame. One award is Japan's Car of the Year, three years in a row, beginning 1972 till 1974. It has also won the vote list for Top Import Car by the US Road Test Magazine during 1974. Two more awards came from Motor Trend, the Import Vehicle of the Year recognition in 1980 and Vehicle of the Year honor in 2006. This car proved that it is really recognized in the international level with its Semperit Irish Top Car of the Year recognition last 2007.</p><p>Today, Honda Civic as a model line of the Honda Motor Company Ltd. still continues to be produced. The huge number of versions of this car still expands today thus continuing its excitingly long record. While growing in number this vehicle has maintained its trademark dependability, fuel economy and durability. Plus these are far more within your means as compared to other cars. And ultimately this model is among the few cars that have the ability to maintain a relative stable market value over the years of service.</p>Tom I. Stables Vancouver Used Honda Civic 2010 Surrey Pitt Meadows Langley Honda Civic 2009 for Sale  
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