Used Bentley - Regal & Classy

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<p>If you want to get a car that looks regal and classy, then the Bentley is one make of car for you to consider autel maxidas ds808. With the Arnage model - this only applies when you buy one new and not when you get one used - you get an active hand in how your car is going to look. Buyers get to choose things like the colour of the primary and secondary leather used in the seats, the type and finish on the wood, colour of door panels, choices of wheel and other options besides. Other models of Bentley, though offering less of a choice, are just as classy in their regal tones and stylish layouts, particularly with the dashboard boasting its giant dials and controls, making for both a practical and attractive car.</p><p>If you don't know what sort of model of Bentley to go for, why not compare some of the things likely to make your decision easier? The amount of space you get in the cabin tends to be quite important, particularly if you have children and are going to need a lot of room. In the Arnage there is lots of leg room and head room for all passengers in the front and rar, and boot space is of a good size to carry almost anything you could need. The Continental is much the same as this, with lots of space in the cabin and boot. However the Azure, a smaller car than the other two models, is lacking when it comes to space for rear passengers. Due to the open top function, the boot too is smaller. If space is important to you, then these are things you will need to know.</p><p>If parking is important to you, then maybe it would help you to know that the Azure, the smallest, is easy to park. It has great visibility, aided by the top down feature that gives you a clear view in all directions. The other models I looked at, which were better in other areas, were lacking in their easy parking ability. They were hindered by their large size, and even the higher position from the ground doesn't give as good visibility as you get in the smaller model autel.</p><p>Safety is a major factor in cars whether you are buying a new one or a used one. The Bentley Azure model has all the standard safety features that you would expect it to. It boasts ventilated brakes that have a powerful anti-lock system, which in turn has brake force distribution for smoother stops. The suspension is said to be excellent along with braking in general. It has an electronic stability control programme which gives it extra safety. Other models have similar security and safety features in place to give you peace of mind, both when driving and when the car is stationary. As far as security goes, this car would be really be best kept in a garage as opposed to out in plain view. Cars this expensive tend to be targeted for vandalism or theft when out in the open.</p>Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Bentley cars.
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